Prayoga Creatives offers Bharatanatyam and semi-classical dance classes, which are available both in-studio and online. Our teachers are independent artists of South Asian heritage, who are highly trained and specialised in their unique art forms. We offer 8 week performance courses (in-studio) that enable you to master a dance routine and be featured in our professionally produced dance videos.  Choose from our huge range of dance options, and start learning dance on your terms, from anywhere in the world!


Programs available:

  • Bharatanatyam (Kids and Adults) – Beginners | Intermediate | Advanced
  • Semi-classical – Beginners | Intermediate | Advanced
  • Bollywood

Bharatanatyam for Adults –

It’s never too late to start! Students will learn mudras (hand gestures), abhinaya (how to convey emotions) and basic steps/adavus of Bharatanatyam. Throughout the term, students will continue to explore adavu groups through short jathis and phrases, and eventually progress towards learning a range of dance items. Learning will be geared towards adults, in a supportive and judgement free environment.

Intermediate & Advanced levels –

Our Bharatanatyam Intermediate/Advanced level classes offer adults with previous experience a way to further progress their learning. Various teaching methods are employed (such as in class experimentation, workshops with a musician once a term etc) to grow the students’ affection and depth of connectivity with the art. Classes will cater for varying levels of prior Bharatanatyam training, and learning is tailored to the individual interests and experience of the student.

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