Prayoga Creatives offers emerging and professional artists a platform for creative exchange within their own field and across artistic disciplines through gallery exhibitions, art events and workshops. 

Discover the Art of painting and drawing starting with the simplest of objects, learn how to create depth and form, gain confidence to tackle more complex compositions and eventually make your own abstract paintings.

Programs available:

  • Drawing – Beginners | Intermediate | Advanced
  • Painting (Watercolour & Acrylic) – Beginners | Intermediate | Advanced
  • Art & Craft
  • Oil Painting (18yrs+).

Beginner’s level – 

If you’re keen to reignite that creative spark in a big way or maybe just dabble on your free weekends, we’ve got an art class in Melbourne that’s perfect for you. Try your hand at drawing and painting, or maybe challenge yourself and take up tapestry weaving or paper mache making. Life is one gigantic canvas. Go nuts and give it a brilliant splash of colour!

Intermediate & Advanced levels –

This class is suitable for students who have completed our beginners course or who already have some previous oil painting experience. It is also suitable for artists working in isolation who seek the company of other artists for support and encouragement.

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